The forms below are in Adboe PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader for viewing and printing.

All forms must be completed prior to filing.

The clerk's office cannot review,
advise or assist you.

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Small Claims Complaint

The Small Claims Complaint form can be completed online and printed out. You must print three copies of this form, all of which must be notarized. Filing fee is $75.00 for 1 defendant, $10.00 for each additional defendant. Additional service, if required, is $20.00.

Small Claims Complaint Form - 101KB

Juror Questionnaire

The Juror Questionnaire can be filled out online and printed out.

Juror Questionnaire - 120KB

Motion to Continue

The Motion to Continue can be filled out online and printed out.

Motion to Continue - 66KB

Public Records Request

The Public Records Request form can be filled out online and printed out. There will be a 24-48 hour waiting period before the requested record is made available.

Public Record Request - 168KB

Recording Request

Request Audio/Video Recording - $25

Audio/Video Request - 53KB

Petition for Driving Privileges

The Petition for Driving Privileges form can be printed out to be completed by hand.

Petition for Driving Privileges - 9KB

Forcible Entry and Detainer (evictions)

The Court does not provide the necessary paperwork for FED procedures. You are encouraged to seek legal advice for such forms.


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